Privacy Policy

We collect only the data needed to make this app work. All stored data will permenantly expire 24 hours after you leave a room you created, or when you disconnect your Spotify account.

No collected data is sold, analyzed, or used in any way other than to support the app's feature set.

We store the following data in our database:

  • Your Spotify user ID, which is used to associate rooms with your Spotify account and reserve your identity on our servers.
  • Your Spotify username, initially. This is overridden any time you change your name in your rooms.
  • Your Spotify access token, which is used to make requests to the Spotify API on your behalf.
  • Your Spotify refresh token, which is used to get a new access token when it expires.
  • Now Playing information from Spotify, which is displayed in your rooms and saved to the room listening history. You can manually clear your listening history (the "Playlist") at any time.
  • Chat messages and reactions, which are stored in order to populate the chat history when someone joins a room. Chat messages are currently stored unencrypted. You can manually delete this data from your rooms at any time. This app should not be used to discuss sensitive information.


We use a single cookie containting your user ID (which is your Spotify ID if you have authenticated with Spotify, or an auto-generated one if you have not), username, and a connection ID to connect the activity in the app to the data on our servers.

Deleting Data

Data is permanently deleted when a room expires, when you manually delete a room, or when you disconnect your Spotify account. If the data isn't available to you, that means it no longer exists on our servers.

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